TikTok announces exclusive partnership w/ Rockerbox introducing view-through measurement 👀

Powerful marketing measurement and optimization tools for digital-first brands on Shopify that want to spend smarter.

  • Built for Shopify brands spending less than $1M
  • View-through impact for Facebook
  • First-party measurement and deduplicated conversions
  • The Power of Collect + Track + Journey Lite, with just the features you need
  • Independently measure popular channels, including Google, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, more

Rockerbox Starter:
Built for Shopify. Built for You.

The more visibility you have into your marketing, the more of an edge you have in a competitive digital-first landscape. For brands using Shopify, the best way to track your marketing and get a deduplicated view of your conversions is Rockerbox’s Starter plan. Built for Shopify users, it combines Lite but key capabilities of Rockerbox’s Journey, Collect, and Track products into a platform that gives you a clear, realistic view of your marketing performance across all the digital channels you use.


Starter: Access to
the Products You Need


Collect Lite

Pull in data from several popular channels, including Google, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Track Lite

We offer an industry-leading, native integration to Shopify, plus connections to Magento, WooCommerce, ReCharge, and Stripe.

Journey Lite

An accurate view of your customers — and every step in their marketing journey.

No Contract Required

Monthly pricing based on your company’s ad spend

Case Study

Transforming Marketing Strategy with Track at Care/Of

Care/Of, a personalized vitamins and supplements DTC brand, achieved significant growth by adopting an analytically-driven marketing approach, leveraging Track by Rockerbox. The brand faced challenges in understanding the effectiveness of their marketing channels and data.

By choosing Track, Care/Of gained comprehensive insights into their marketing efforts, eliminated non-incremental touchpoints, and improved their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Track empowered Care/Of to build a data-forward culture and make smarter marketing decisions, leading to successful scaling and future growth.


The Problem:
Limited Visibility Into Marketing

Care/Of faced challenges in measuring the impact of their marketing efforts. They lacked a holistic view of their marketing performance, making it difficult to identify effective product lines and allocate budgets wisely.

Additionally, they struggled with understanding the incremental value of certain touchpoints, such as whitelisted influencer retargeting on Facebook, for specific product lines.

This limited visibility hindered their ability to optimize their marketing strategy for better ROI on individual products.

The Solution:
Harnessing the Power of Track and Journey Multi-Touch Attribution

With Journey’s multi-touch attribution capabilities, Care/Of was able to analyze the effectiveness of each marketing channel for specific product lines and eliminate non-incremental touchpoints that overlapped with other tactics. They successfully scaled hard-to-track channels, such as influencers and podcasts, for certain product lines by leveraging Track's robust measurement methods. Furthermore, using Track's de-duplicated ROAS, Care/Of achieved a 46% improvement in Facebook ROAS for targeted product lines through precise campaign, ad set, and ad level optimizations. 

Track the effectiveness of
your marketing and advertising

Future-proof first-party measurement and centralized data from social platforms, search, display, and more is now affordable. Advanced analyses give you insight into where your new visitors are coming from, which channels you’re overspending on, and more. Get access to Rockerbox Starter now!