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Data Empowered, Future Assured: Forecast's Predictive Analytics Build a Bridge Between Ad Spend and Revenue

Forecast is a powerful AI-driven platform that revolutionizes marketing budget planning by helping marketers explore the relationship between ad channel spend and revenue and make better marketing investments. With revenue predictions and spend recommendations based on historical data, Forecast equips businesses with the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate the future successfully. 

Solving the Problem of Incorrect, Unreliable, and Non-Scalable Marketing Models

Uncertainty Elimination

Forecast helps businesses tackle the challenges of uncertainty by providing data-backed predictions and insights into future revenue and its relation to ad spend, enabling confident decision-making.


Resource Optimization

With Forecast, businesses can optimize resource allocation, ensuring they allocate their time, budget, and workforce efficiently to achieve their revenue goals.

Seasonal Campaign Planning

Forecast uses historical performance modeling to help businesses gain a better understanding of seasonal demand in order to better prepare for busy periods. 

When to Choose Forecast

Forecast leverages Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) to uncover the correlation between marketing spend and revenue, allowing businesses to spend time and money on marketing channels that will actually impact their bottom line. Through our platform, we’ve modernized the traditional MMM playbook to give brands a way to analyze marketing spend impact without needing to gather user-level data.


Spend/Revenue Projections

Plan your business growth with confidence by predicting future spend and revenue scenarios, enabling effective budgeting and investment strategies.

Resource Allocation

Optimize your workforce, time, and budget allocation based on data-driven insights, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.


Smart, Measured Change

Unlock a UI that guides you through making gradual changes to your marketing spend in order to optimize your strategy for the highest returns. 

High-Level Results

Explore the efficiency of all your marketing channels through insights into overall spend investments alongside revenue contributions.


How it Works

Data Integration

Connect your relevant data sources to Forecast, allowing the platform to analyze historical data and trends.

AI-Powered Analysis

Forecast's advanced AI algorithms process your data, identifying patterns and generating accurate predictions.

Interactive Dashboards

The Forecast UI guides you through the process of identifying your top channels and the changes you need to make to your spend to produce even better results. 

Continuous Learning

As your business evolves, Forecast continuously adapts and refines its predictions, ensuring up-to-date insights.


Case Study

Transforming Marketing Strategy with Track at Care/Of

Care/Of, a personalized vitamins and supplements DTC brand, achieved significant growth by adopting an analytically-driven marketing approach, leveraging Track by Rockerbox. The brand faced challenges in understanding the effectiveness of their marketing channels and data.

By choosing Track, Care/Of gained comprehensive insights into their marketing efforts, eliminated non-incremental touchpoints, and improved their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Track empowered Care/Of to build a data-forward culture and make smarter marketing decisions, leading to successful scaling and future growth.


The Problem:
Limited Visibility Into Marketing

Care/Of faced challenges in measuring the impact of their marketing efforts. They lacked a holistic view of their marketing performance, making it difficult to identify effective product lines and allocate budgets wisely.

Additionally, they struggled with understanding the incremental value of certain touchpoints, such as whitelisted influencer retargeting on Facebook, for specific product lines.

This limited visibility hindered their ability to optimize their marketing strategy for better ROI on individual products.

The Solution:
Harnessing the Power of Track and Journey Multi-Touch Attribution

With Journey’s multi-touch attribution capabilities, Care/Of was able to analyze the effectiveness of each marketing channel for specific product lines and eliminate non-incremental touchpoints that overlapped with other tactics. They successfully scaled hard-to-track channels, such as influencers and podcasts, for certain product lines by leveraging Track's robust measurement methods. Furthermore, using Track's de-duplicated ROAS, Care/Of achieved a 46% improvement in Facebook ROAS for targeted product lines through precise campaign, ad set, and ad level optimizations. 

Unlock Your Marketing Potential

Unleash the power of Forecast to foresee your business's trajectory and take proactive steps towards a brighter, more successful future. Embrace data-driven decision-making and stay ahead in a dynamic market landscape.
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