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The Rockerbox Incrementality Process

incrementality test design


Let Rockerbox know the question you're looking to solve. Rockerbox then designs the incrementality test that's best to answer that question.



Rockerbox provides you a test Implementation Guide (e.g. DMAs to withhold, segments to build, duration to run, budget to use) to execute.



After the test has completed, Rockerbox will evaluate and present the test results. This provides you with a new baseline / coefficient to use.

Rockerbox Designs and Evaluates your Incrementality Tests

  • Channel Specific Testing Strategies

    One testing methodology does not work for every channel. Rockerbox will determine the right test to run for each given channel and campaign strategy that you're exploring.

  • Technology to Determine the Details

    Which markets? How long? What frequency? Multiple tests at once?

    These are just a handful of the questions you'll need answers for to run successful Incrementality Tests. Leverage Rockerbox Technology to get your answers to these questions.

  • Combine & Compare Methodologies

    No one source or methodology is going to have the perfect answer. Rockerbox makes it quick and easy for you to compare Platform #s, Incrementality Results and various Attribution Models so you can determine the right direction for you.


Testing Methodologies


Leveraging Platform Incrementality Testing

Certain channels (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube) provide their own internal method to run Incrementality Tests.

Depending on the specific questions you're looking to answer, this may be the right approach to take.

Splitting an Audience into Random Sub Groups

When possible, user group splits is the preferred testing methodology. It is the most accurate method to ensure accuracy of the test.

3rd party cookie deprecation has made this testing more difficult, especially for retargeting.

Geography based Market Splitting

Here we cluster the entire country into markets. Depending on your test goals, this can be done at the State, DMA or Zip-Code level.

While a more traditional approach to testing, it continues to be viable in the long term.

A Sample of Incrementality Tests that Rockerbox Designed

Not sure what to test? Here are a sample of some tests that we've designed for our customers.


What value is Brand Search providing?

Rockerbox designed tests leveraging geography based splits that enables this brand to determine the Incremental CPA of Brand Search.


What is the impact of Youtube + Snapchat?

Here Rockerbox designed tests that enables the client to run two tests simultaneously without cross-contaminating results.


Is my retargeting actually incremental?

This marketer leveraged a user group split to determine the true incremental ROAS of their retargeting efforts.

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