Data Collection

Rockerbox ingests, organizes and combines all your data

  • Combine online and offline touchpoints

    Combine all digital channels, as well as offline channels (direct mail, TV, radio, etc). See how offline channels influence online activity.

  • Retail and e-commerce

    Analyze how your marketing (digital and offline) impacts your retail presence. Uncover the impact of retail as a marketing channel for your e-commerce.

  • Fully centralized spend

    Rockerbox automatically ingests your marketing spend from the major digital advertising platforms via API. Spending in other locations? No problem—Rockerbox can ingest via email, CSV and SFTP.


Attribution Modeling

Tailor your attribution to your actual marketing

  • Machine learning-based multi-touch models

    Rockerbox builds and maintains custom-built attribution models, combining the data from your marketing channels, overall customer behavior and conversion events.

  • Model comparison

    Easily compare marketing performance between machine learning-based models and traditional rule-based models, such as last-touch. See how metrics, such as CPA or ROAS, vary across attribution models.

  • Full model transparency

    Rockerbox builds and maintains custom built attribution models, combining the data from your marketing channels, overall customer behavior and conversion events.



Get a single source of truth to make decisions about your marketing

  • Centralized and clean data

    Examine results by touchpoint, channel and customer segment. Quickly see accurate conversion counts, CPA, iCPA, ROAS and LTV.

  • User-level reporting

    See how a user engaged with your brand by touchpoint, date and time. Push cleaned, unsampled data to wherever it's needed on a recurring basis.

  • Conversion and spend data in one place

    See all conversion data and spend data in one dashboard. Conversions are fully de-duplicated across all your channels.


Customer Analysis

Understand how your customers yield profit over time

  • Incrementality analysis

    All of your buying platforms enable you to perform incrementally tests. Rockerbox ingests these results and applies it to your unified data.

  • Customer browsing paths, across every device

    View every customer interaction on every device. Reveal the most common paths to purchase across all your customers.

  • LTV reporting

    Rockerbox ingests and organizes your historical customer order data to calculate a true LTV for long-term customers.


Integrated with the tools you already use

Rockerbox works alongside all major e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ad platforms and more.


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