Rockerbox Attribution Platform




Attribution Modeling 

Tailor your attribution model to your marketing funnel 



Data-driven multi-touch models

Rockerbox builds and maintains attribution models that are customized for you. These are powered by machine learning.

Model comparison 

How does CPA vary across attribution models? Easily compare marketing performance under our models to performance under traditional models, such as last-touch.

Full model transparency

We're fully transparent about our modeling. See features included in every model, how each model runs and predictive performance results.



Data Collection

Rockerbox ingests and organizes all your data


Combined digital and "non-UTM" attribution

Attribute all digital channels as well as "non-UTM" channels (e.g., TV, radio, direct mail). See how "non-UTM" channels influence online activity.

Retail attribution

Attribute all advertising that leads to conversions within your retail stores.

Automatic spend ingestion 

Rockerbox automatically ingests spend from the various digital platforms you're buying on.






Get a single source of truth to make decisions about your marketing 



Attribution dashboard

Examine results by touchpoint, channel and customer segment. Quickly see accurate conversion counts, CPA, ROAS and LTV.

User log-level reporting

See how a user engaged with your brand by touchpoint, date & time. Push cleaned log-level data wherever it's needed (e.g., S3, SFTP) on a recurring basis.

Conversion & spend data in one place

See all conversion data and spend data in one dashboard without double counting.



Customer Analysis

Understand how your customers yield profit over time 


Customer browsing paths, cross-device

View every customer interaction on every device. Determine common paths to purchase across all your customers.

"Quickbooks for marketing"

Analyze your marketing performance by cohorts (i.e., new customer,
2X customer, repeat customer (>2X customer).

LTV reporting

Rockerbox ingests and organizes your historical customer order data to calculate a true LTV for long-term customers.







Integrated with the tools you already use

Rockerbox works alongside ecommerce platforms, CRMS, ad platforms and more. Browse integrations here



Fast onboarding

Place our pixel on your website and define your conversion events. We do the rest.




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