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Written by Rick O'Toole
on April 02, 2020

Since we started sharing revenue benchmarks for DTC companies, the overall revenue trend for ecommerce / DTC companies seems to be on par with pre-covid19 levels. We did some further investigation to better understand what’s really happening regarding revenue levels compared to pre-covid19 levels. 

Here are our takeaways on revenue performance levels:

  • 31% are around the same
  • 25% are performing better
  • 43% are performing worse

Digging a little deeper, we found the increase in revenue for companies that are performing better is on average much larger than the decrease in revenue for companies that are performing worse. In other words, there are more companies in the group that’s performing worse, but the revenue change is smaller than for the companies that are performing better.

Here’s a graph that shows the breakdown:


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