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26 Jan 2023
4 min read

Attribution Report: Campaign Performance Insights to Help You Optimize Your Marketing

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on January 26, 2023

As a marketer, your job comes down to this. You need to launch strategies, build campaigns, and produce deliverables that drive sales and revenue, whether you sell baby blankets, beauty products, or basketball equipment.

It sounds simple, but where the difficulty comes in is understanding which of the many, many marketing activities you’re doing, from social to search to offline, are having the biggest impact. When you know that, you can confidently make budget decisions, such as where to put more money, and where to invest less.

So how do you get that view? A view that shows you how much money you’re bringing in, how many conversions are happening, how much you’re spending on marketing, and how it all plays together?

Enter: Rockerbox’s Attribution Report. Whether you’re an attribution whiz or you’ve never heard the word, the main thing you need to understand about the Attribution Report is that it’s essentially your marketing command center.

In this blog post, we’ll log into what the Attribution Report shows you and how you can leverage it to make smarter marketing decisions. Check out the video for a live walkthrough from our Senior Product Manager Eddie Chou, and request a demo to learn more.

Why do you need to understand your marketing attribution in the first place?

Ok, so what even is attribution and how does it tie back to the goals and KPIs you’re held accountable for in your job.

Essentially, marketing attribution is the analysis of marketing touchpoints that lead to a purchase or sale.

That means that a marketing attribution model will consider all of the different pieces of marketing that a buyer interacted with before buying your product or service—maybe they clicked on one of your social posts, searched for your brand on google, saw an OTT ad, and finally used a promo code—and tells you how much impact each of those touches had on the final purchase.

It’s a way of telling you which parts of your marketing strategy are the most important to invest in—which, given the vast number of things you could be doing as a marketer, is super helpful in paring down your strategy to what’s working.

There are multiple different kinds of attribution, including:

  • First touch — 100% of the conversion credit goes to the first touchpoint in the user’s path
  • Last touch — 100% of conversion credit goes to the last touchpoint in the user’s path
  • Even weight — The conversion is split evenly across each touchpoint
  • Multi-touch — Allocates fractional credit to each touchpoint relative to impact in driving to conversion

We won’t go into full details about each of these models (You can download our attribution eBook for that.), but we will say that in Rockerbox’s Attribution Report, you can toggle between all of these methods based on what’s most important to you and your strategy.

What does the Attribution Report unlock?

Now you know why attribution is important, we’ll cover what the Attribution Report in Rockerbox actually shows you and why it deserves to be one of the places you check each and every workday.

The Attribution Report together pulls all of your most important metrics in one place:

  • Conversions
  • Revenue
  • Spend

This shows you how your business is performing and exactly (read: down to the granular ad level) how marketing is contributing to that performance.

You can use this view to look at high-level metrics as well as CPA and ROAS trend lines, or you can drill down into specific marketing categories and adjust time frames to see more detailed data.

How to use the Attribution Report to optimize your marketing

At first glance you might be a little overwhelmed at the sheer amount of data that the Attribution Report provides you. It’s a lot! While everything you need to optimize your marketing strategy is laid out for you in Rockerbox, it’s helpful to know where to start and what to look at to get actionable insights.

Three of the main ways you’ll want to use this report are:

  • Drilling down into your deduplicated performance on a marketing channel and placement level.
  • Making decisions about how to allocate your marketing budget across your existing channels.
  • Understanding marketing trends over time.

You can read more about exactly how to eke out these insights in our help docs, but for now it’s enough to know that the Attribution Report truly can make your job as a marketer easier by showing you how your marketing is performing on a day-to-day basis.

Next steps: See it live

If you’ve ever thought—Why can’t I just see a summary of all my marketing in one place?—the Attribution Report in Rockerbox is for you. If you have more questions about leveraging this report at your company, reach out to our sales team for a 1-1 demo.

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