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15 Mar 2022
News | 3 min read

Best Practices by DTC Leaders for Scaling Diversified Marketing Mix

Rockerbox - Sara Livingston Written by Sara Livingston
on March 15, 2022

We had a great time in Los Angeles, catching up with customers and the broader DTC community at the GROW LA conference, attended by over 1000 people across DTC and e-commerce.

This came at the perfect time given measurement has never been a higher priority for DTC marketers, with their increasing channel diversification away from Facebook.

We had a chance to explore this topic at length during a panel discussion with FIGS. 

Jessica Wang, Sr. Director of Growth and Acquisition at FIGS spoke with Sara Livingston, Head of Customer Solutions at Rockerbox on best practices for scaling a diversified marketing mix through measurement and a robust testing roadmap.

“A diversified marketing mix has never been more important. And by extension, a holistic measurement solution for cross-channel performance is critical to test and prove these new channels.”

This quote from Jessica perfectly summarizes the sentiment across Rockerbox clients

Here are some other key takeaways on best practices for expanding into offline marketing channels (OTT, Linear TV), and how to measure the impact across your broader marketing mix and core digital channels (search, shopping, social):


  1. Diversifying marketing spending has never been more important for DTCs to combat the impact of iOS on Facebook performance.

  2. Optimizing across digital and offline channels requires different KPIs and measurements than solely optimizing within Google and Facebook.
    + Necessary to look at cross-channel performance and the halo impact of running top-funnel channels (OTT, Linear TV) on bottom-funnel channels (search and shopping).
  3. Critical to look at the full funnel and customer journey. From the first touchpoint to the last touchpoint.
    + As the channel mix grows and add more top-funnel branding channels, that path to conversion and time to convert will change. 
    + Important to establish baseline benchmarks here to understand how the role of each channel changes as you test new ones.
  4. Having a strong testing roadmap is critical. Always be testing!!!
    + Necessary to look at audiences and creative both within and across vendors and channels.


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If you want to discuss the best practices for scaling a diversified marketing mix through measurement, you can always request a demo with Rockerbox attribution experts.

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Rockerbox team united in GROW LA event - Dj Krueger, Account Director / Genevieve Harley, Account Director / Sara Livingston, Head of Customer Solutions / Kelsey Kearns, Customer Solutions Manager

on best practices for scaling a diversified marketing mixSara and Jessica on best practices for scaling a diversified marketing mix.

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