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19 Apr 2022
News | 2 min read

Rockerbox and Pinterest Launch Strategic Measurement Integration

Rockerbox - Rockerbox Written by Rockerbox
on April 19, 2022

Rockerbox, the leading marketing measurement platform for DTC brands, and Pinterest, the inspiration to realization platform, are excited to announce the launch of their strategic measurement integration. 

With the launch of the integration, DTC brands that are leveraging Rockerbox are now able to see the full performance of Pinterest ads as well as the broader impact of Pinterest ad exposure to their broader marketing mix.

This has resulted in a median 13x improvement in ROAS. In addition, due to the increased visibility, advertisers better understand the role Pinterest plays on the user’s path to conversion, including how Pinterest reaches net-new site visitors and performs differently throughout the funnel.

“Over the past year Rockerbox and Pinterest have been working closely together to help DTC brands understand the true impact of Pinterest advertising.” says Ron Jacobson, co-founder, and CEO of Rockerbox. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest on measurement and to be in a position to provide our clients, the best DTC brands in the world, with the most complete and independent cross channel view of Pinterest advertising.”

gorjana, a popular Laguna beach-based jewelry brand, leveraged the integration to better understand the upper funnel impact that Pinterest has on their marketing. “The Rockerbox Pinterest integration has been a game-changer for us. By leveraging the integration we’re now confident that Pinterest is a ROAS positive channel for us and a key component in scaling gorjana’s growth moving forward” says Kyle Brucculeri, VP of E-commerce. 

"Pinterest is where visually compelling creative and messaging intersects with a high-intent audience actively searching for relevant content to inspire them.  Because of this integration with Rockerbox, more of our DTC advertisers will be able to more accurately measure the positive impact that our unique view value has on their path to purchase, and ultimately their sales." says Dana Komar, Global Head of Mid-Market & SMB Partner Measurement at Pinterest.

Today Rockerbox is proud to announce a strategic measurement integration with Pinterest. DTC Brands leveraging Rockerbox measurement will now be able to have full visibility into their Pinterest view and engagement attribution via the Rockerbox API.

If you want to discuss the best practices for scaling a diversified marketing mix through measurement, you can always request a demo with Rockerbox attribution experts.

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