Attribution Modelling

Cross-Channel Attribution. Transparent. Customizable.

  • Rule-Based and Data-Driven

    Get access to rule-based models (first-touch, last-touch, even-weight), as well as data-driven models that are built custom for your unique marketing mix.

  • Model Comparison

    Easily compare marketing performance between machine learning-based models and traditional rule-based models, such as last-touch. See how metrics, such as CPA or ROAS, vary across attribution models.

  • Transparent and Customizable Models

    Every aspect of Rockerbox's models are fully transparent. Explore all of the features, model results and model builds that Rockerbox has performed. If you want to customize it more, leverage the in-platform iPython editor to build your own model framework.


Incrementality Testing

With Rockerbox, you have experts by your side to enable you to design, implement and evaluate your incrementality tests.

  • Design

    Let Rockerbox know the question you're looking to solve. Rockerbox then designs the incrementality test that's best to answer that question.

  • Implementation

    Rockerbox provides you a test Implementation Guide (e.g. DMAs to withhold, segments to build, duration to run, budget to use) to execute.

  • Evaluation

    After the test has completed, Rockerbox will evaluate and present the test results. This provides you with a new baseline / coefficient to use.


Path to Conversion

Uncover the path that's leading your customers to convert.

  • Online and Offline Unified

    Is your offline (Linear TV, Direct Mail, OTT) marketing impacting digital? With Rockerbox, you can quickly find these paths to conversion.

  • Time to Conversion

    Have you ever wanted to know how long it takes a user to convert given a certain series of marketing touchpoints? Rockerbox provides this information so you can speed up your time to conversion.

  • Compare, Filter, Analyze

    Rockerbox enables you to quickly compare different paths to conversion. Does brand search as a first-touch speed impact CPA? Filter within Rockerbox to quickly find these answers.


Custom Analyses

Go beyond Rockerbox's built-in analyses.

  • Media Mix Modelling

    Rockerbox's Core Four Data Sets provide the baseline data that an organization needs to build Media Mix Models. Whether you're building internally or leveraging a vendor, Rockerbox's data will speed up the process.

  • New vs. Repeat Customer Analysis

    Is your prospecting driving new customers? Or is it really retargeting masquerading as prospecting? With Rockerbox, you can answer these questions.

  • Answer Your Questions With Rockerbox Data

    All brands have endless questions. From LTV analysis to Halo Impact to Affiliate Bottom Feeders to Propensity Models, you need answers to the fundamental drivers of your business.

    Rockerbox has worked with our clients to build playbooks to answer the questions you need to be answered.


Integrated with the tools you already use

Rockerbox works alongside all major e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ad platforms and more.


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