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25 Jan 2024
Customers | 3 min read

Case Study: Rockerbox + MNTN + National University

How National University Leverages Rockerbox + MNTN to Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

About National University

National University is an educational institution focused on providing accessible degree programs for adult learners. They serve upwards of 40,000 students with 190+ degree programs and have over 230,000 alumni globally.

About Rockerbox + MNTN

Rockerbox empowers marketing executives with a competitive edge in data-driven decision-making. Our products help marketers create a strong data foundation and analyze their marketing using multiple methodologies (MMM, MTA, more). Rockerbox also offers dozens of integrations with marketing platforms, including MNTN, a pioneer in CTV advertising.

With the MNTN and Rockerbox integration, marketers can get unprecedented clarity into how CTV is affecting the bottom line, setting the stage for more effective advertising strategies and informed investment decisions. The newly updated integration features the use of MNTN’s Verified Visits methodology, a cookie-less approach that improves upon the previous method of tracking CTV-influenced actions.

The Challenge

Before leveraging Rockerbox, National University grappled with data consolidation and lacked a comprehensive understanding of how their marketing channels worked together to drive information requests. One of their main challenges was to measure the impact of CTV and all of their other marketing efforts, in order to make the right decisions around strategy and spend.

Solution in Action

National University leveraged Rockerbox products like Track and Journey and Rockerbox’s wide-ranging integrations to assess performance for CTV and top-of-funnel platforms like Facebook and illumin, Inc. Rockerbox’s integrations helped to centralize and consolidate unbiased measurement data, providing a firm foundation for making informed, strategic decisions.

The Rockerbox + MNTN integration in particular resulted in an improved visibility into the impact of CTV. With the updated integration’s tracking methods, National University saw drastically improved KPIs.

  • 37% Increase in MNTN Attributed Conversions: The integration’s updated tracking methods uncovered a substantial 37% increase in attributed conversions, directly linked to MNTN. This highlighted the effectiveness of CTV campaigns in driving user actions.
  • 27% Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): The Rockerbox and MNTN integration also highlighted a 27% decrease in CPA, showcasing an optimized performance and cost savings.

Decision-Making and Strategic Insights

In addition to benefiting from improved visibility into CTV performance, National University utilized the integrated MNTN data from Rockerbox to make more informed strategic decisions.

“Integrating MNTN’s Verified Visits with Rockerbox’s precise measurement platform has been extremely effective in analyzing performance,” said Michael Rossini, Associate Director of Paid Media and Performance Marketing at National University. “We are now able to measure the performance of National University’s connected TV campaigns alongside our other marketing channels and use that unbiased measurement to better inform strategic decisions. The knowledge gained has enhanced confidence as we scale our CTV campaigns.”

Future Implications

The success of National University’s collaboration with Rockerbox and MNTN has set the stage for future enhancements. With a clearer understanding of channel performance and attribution, National University can refine campaigns, optimize budget allocations, and achieve their goals of increasing brand awareness and attracting prospective students.


National University's adoption of Rockerbox and the MNTN integration has transformed their marketing analytics journey. The ability to measure CTV campaign performance alongside other channels, coupled with quantifiable improvements, has empowered National University to make data-driven decisions and confidently scale their marketing efforts. Their story exemplifies the impact of advanced measurement platforms in transforming marketing effectiveness and driving tangible results for brands.

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