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21 Jul 2022
3 min read

Coming Soon: Rockerbox Plans to Help You Market and Spend Smarter from Launch to Scale

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on July 21, 2022

It’s never too early to start the process of becoming a data-driven organization. To enable more marketers to leverage our platform at all stages of business development, we’re launching a revamped set of plans to meet the needs of teams at different points in their analytics journey. 

In addition to our existing cornerstone Scale plan and our Free option, which launched earlier this year, we’ll soon be rolling out a Starter plan to help DTC and ecommerce marketers set the foundation for data-driven marketing success at a more affordable monthly price. 

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Below, learn more about each of our upcoming plan options and how to take the next steps toward better, smarter marketing measurement. 

Rockerbox Free 

If you’re just starting out with paid marketing and only using a few main channels, Rockerbox’s Free plan can help you start to see the benefits of marketing measurement on your overall campaign performance. 

This plan features one-click connectors to Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and Bing to track your social and search marketing, and pre-built dashboards to make in-channel optimizations. You’ll also be able to view real-time data on spend trends in DTC and ecommerce to help you make marketing and optimization decisions. 

What you won’t get in this plan is access to deduplicated conversion data (the data from social platforms and search may not tell the full story) or connectors to other services like OTT, direct mail, display advertising, and more.

Key Features to Consider

  • Data centralization 
  • Connectors to popular platforms (Facebook, Google (Search & Shopping & Video), Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Bing) 
  • Google Sheets reporting templates and data export
  • Help center and chat support

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Rockerbox Starter 

While Rockerbox Free gives you an idea of how you could benefit from being more data-driven, Rockerbox Starter actually gives you key tools you need to start implementing a solid analytics practice on your marketing team. 

With this plan, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising with future-proof first-party measurement and centralized data from social platforms, search, display, and more. In addition to an expanded array of integrations, the starter plan gives you insight into where new visitors are coming from, which channels you may be overspending on, and much more. 

Rockerbox Starter is great for brands with relatively low ad spend that need to start centralizing and analyzing their data, but for more advanced analyses and full access to integrations, you’ll want to explore Rockerbox Scale. 

Key Features to Consider

  • Data centralization 
  • First-party measurement
  • All the connectors on the free plan + LinkedIn, AdRoll, Criteo, Reddit, Taboola, Outbrain, and Twitter
  • Facebook Synthetic Events
  • Three predefined conversions (View Product, Add to Cart, Purchase)
  • Deduplicated conversions

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Rockerbox Scale 

Rockerbox’s Scale plan is built for growing companies that need a comprehensive tracking and measurement platform to monitor all digital and offline channels. This plan features a full-suite of integrations to social platforms, search engines, display advertising platforms, affiliate marketing solutions, and more, plus add-ons available for direct mail, linear TV, OTT, podcast advertising, and more. 

With this plan, you can leverage our custom data-driven models, experiments, and more advanced analyses to see a full, cross-channel, cross-device path to conversion for your customers. 

While all our plans offer value, Rockerbox Scale is the most powerful and comprehensive for growing brands that are fully committed to building an optimized marketing machine. 

Key Features to Consider

  • Data centralization 
  • Comprehensive digital measurement
  • Data exports (Google Sheets, Ad-Hoc Downloads, Scheduled Exports) + data warehousing integration add-ons
  • All the connectors on the Free and Starter plans + add-on integrations (Offline, Linear TV, Phone)

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