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27 Jul 2022
5 min read

Rockerbox: More Than Just Attribution

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on July 27, 2022

“Attribution” is a powerful way to measure your marketing, understand how your campaigns are performing, see what’s driving business, spend smarter, but it doesn’t encompass everything you need to run a strong marketing machine. 

Being a truly data-driven marketer requires an advanced understanding of not only which channels are driving business, but also how specific audiences respond to your marketing, how new visitors to your website are behaving, and what your conversion paths look like across your customer base.

For marketers that want to start exploring what’s possible beyond attribution, Rockerbox offers a platform that features multiple different attribution models (rule-based and machine learning; MTA, last touch, first touch), plus the ability to uncover advanced insights regarding your marketing and your customers. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into what’s possible with Rockerbox, including: 

  • Experiments
  • Path/Time to Conversion
  • Funnel Position Analysis
  • New Visitor Analysis
  • Data Warehousing Integrations 

But first, an introduction to Rockerbox.

marketing attribution ebook beginners guide

What is Rockerbox?

Rockerbox is a measurement and attribution platform built primarily for DTC and ecommerce brands who want to understand the true value of all of their marketing activities so they can spend, analyze, scale, test, and market smarter. 

Rockerbox features: 

  • 200+ integrations and the ability to measure online, offline, and hard-to-track channels 
  • Multiple methodologies to measure and analyze your marketing: rule-based attribution, multi-touch attribution, halo analysis, geo lift, incrementality, etc.
  • Experiment capabilities to determine individual platform, campaign, and ad performance


What are experiments?

Rockerbox Experiments help you test hypotheses about the effectiveness of your channels, campaigns, and creative so you can make the smartest spend decisions. 

What do they help you uncover? 

At a high level, experiments help you understand which of your methods are working so you can improve conversions, CPA, and ROAS based on the results of experiments. Rockerbox users can run tests that evaluate: 

  • How different messaging or creative resonates with your audience
  • How different audiences perform when exposed to your ads
  • The effectiveness of different customer journeys for different geographical areas 

rockerbox experiments incrementality solution

Path/time to conversion

What is the path/time to conversion view?

Rockerbox takes attribution a step further than simply knowing which channels to attribute conversion success to by helping you see the end-to-end journeys your customers take on the way to the decision to purchase. 

What does it help you uncover? 

With Rockerbox’s conversion path visibility, you can: 

  • See the full path to conversion including offline and digital touchpoints 
  • Understand and optimize your time to conversion 
  • Compare different conversion paths to understand things like how certain touchpoints influence the time to conversion 
  • Understand which paths have the highest and lowest average revenue

Funnel position analysis

What is funnel position analysis?

A good understanding of your marketing funnel is key to planning the right mix of activities from brand awareness building social posts to purchase-focused CTAs. Rockerbox lets you explore the ways your channel interacts with your funnel. 

What does it help you uncover? 

Funnel position analysis lets you examine all of your marketing channels and see: 

  • What role various channels play in the funnel

rockerbox marketing attribution channel mix

  • The overall channel mix throughout the funnel

channel mix through the funnel


New visitor analysis

What is new visitor analysis?

Bringing in a steady stream of new customers is critical to keeping your business thriving. With New Visitor Analytics, Rockerbox lets you understand where new audiences are coming from when they hit your website. 

What does it help you uncover? 

The New Visitor Analysis feature lets you:  

  • Understand the cost per each new visitor 
  • See how engaged new visitors are
  • Cut off low-performing channels while users are still high-funnel 

Data warehousing integrations 

As you grow as a company, or if you’re already an established brand with an analytically advanced marketing team, you may want to funnel all your marketing data into a business intelligence platform for more complex analyses that pull in your other company data. 

Often this is done via a data warehousing platform such as Snowflake, AWS Redshift, or Google BigQuery, but getting data into one of these platforms can be time-consuming for technical staff. 

Rockerbox’s integrations with these platforms help companies more easily get key marketing and spend data into their data warehouse platform so they can get it into the dashboards they already use.  

A full suite of tools to scale your DTC brand 

Rockerbox is the leading attribution platform for companies that want to see the true impact of all their marketing, but with the additional experiment capabilities and available analytics tools, it’s so much more than that. Rockerbox is the perfect solution for brands at any stage in their journey to track marketing and zero in on the smartest spend and campaign decisions. 

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