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08 Apr 2020
News | 2 min read

Measure Today, Pay Tomorrow

Rockerbox - Ron Jacobson Written by Ron Jacobson
on April 08, 2020

One of the first things that gets pulled when the economy falters is marketing budgets. It’s hard for marketers to justify investing in their marketing infrastructure while they’re actively slashing budgets. At the same time, marketing without a solid measurement foundation is bad for the long term. Rockerbox's solution? Measure Today, Pay Tomorrow.


Measure Today, Pay Tomorrow

- In April, Rockerbox is offering 10 companies the ability to sign up for Rockerbox Attribution for free.

- Payment will be deferred until your monthly marketing spend exceeds your February spend (pre COVID-19) or 6 month passes. Whichever comes sooner.

Why do this now?

Rockerbox has seen first hand the impact COVID-19 has had on ecommerce businesses. We have seen a variety of outcomes and have concluded that the customers who are set up with strong, data-driven marketing infrastructure have been able to best navigate the challenges COVID-19 has presented to their businesses.

They have been able to operate from a position of strength and have been able to estimate the impact that pulling back budget from different areas of their marketing funnel will have on revenue and marketing efficiency.

These are the same customers that have been able to use data to accelerate their growth during less stressful times. They have a competitive advantage, through strong marketing data infrastructure that has enabled them to make these types of decisions. Rockerbox is in a unique position to help brands put this infrastructure in place, so they can focus on making strategic decisions for their business.

Am I Qualified?

- You’re built on Shopify

- You’re spending >$5M a year on marketing

- OTT, TV or Direct Mail are on your marketing horizon in the next 12 months

- You haven't worked with Rockerbox in the past or are a current Rockerbox customer

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in taking part apply here. We'll reach out to everyone that's applied and explain to you what pricing would be like once your marketing spend bounces back. If you decide you’re interested in moving forward (and assuming we’re still below our April cap), we’ll get you connected with our implementation team to get the ball rolling.


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