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14 Sep 2022
2 min read

The DTC Pinterest Playbook: How to Win More Customers with Pinterest + Rockerbox 

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on September 14, 2022

As a DTC marketer you likely already know that Pinterest provides a great opportunity to promote your products to an audience that is ready and willing to purchase what you have to offer. If you haven’t fully adopted Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, we have the playbook you need to both convince you that you should and guide you in launching your activity on the platform. 

The DTC Pinterest Playbook: How to Win More Customers with Pinterest + Rockerbox offers an overview of Pinterest, plus information on advantages and challenges of the platform, Pinterest content types, and more. 

Download the Pinterest Playbook

What You’ll Learn in the Playbook 

Our playbook gives you an overview of the basic things you need to know when approaching Pinterest, plus information on how to correctly measure the platform so you can attribute conversions back to your activities on Pinterest. 

What we’ll cover: 

Chapter 1 - Pinterest basics

In this initial chapter, we talk about what the Pinterest audience looks like, plus how they use the platform. Did you know, for example, that 47% of people on Pinterest use it to search for products and make buying decisions? This kind of information is just one example of how Pinterest is uniquely suited for DTC brands. 

Chapter 2 - Who Does Pinterest Work For?

Not every company in every industry is fitting for Pinterest advertising, but for those that are, the opportunities are vast. This section covers who Pinterest works best for and includes real-life results from a customer that leveraged Pinterest and Rockerbox’s measurement capabilities. 

Chapter 3 - Advantages and Challenges

Every ad channel comes with pros and cons, and in this section, we provide a quick overview of what you need to know before investing in the platform. 

Chapter 4 -  Pinterest Content Types Deep Dive

Pinterest ads are effective in part because they don’t take Pinterest users away from the experience of browsing the platform. This section will cover some of the ad types, plus when and how to leverage them on the platform. 

Chapter 5 - Measurement, Testing, and Budgeting

It’s impossible to know whether your Pinterest activities are paying off if you don’t have a way to measure the channel's impact and its role in your larger marketing strategy. This section on the playbook covers this area by sharing how to measure success, what to measure, and best practices for testing and budgeting.

Rockerbox + Pinterest: Better Together 

So why are we releasing a playbook on Pinterest best practices? Because of our Pinterest integration, we’re a key component of how many brands can see and prove success on Pinterest. With our integration, companies can see the full impact of their Pinterest strategy because we track not just clicks, but also view data. This additional insight shows you the true ROAS on your Pinterest advertising, which can be as much as 13x what you initially expect. 

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