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Ron Jacobson

Ron Jacobson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rockerbox. Prior to Rockerbox, he managed the Real Time Platform product team at AppNexus. Ron is a McGill University alumn (Comp Sci + Econ), San Antonio Spurs fan, Triumph rider, late night coder and mentor to various NYC startups.

Rick Otoole

Rick is the Co-Founder and CTO of Rockerbox. He directs the company's product and technology vision. Most recently, he led integrations at AppNexus for companies such as Facebook and Yahoo. He also was a founding data science engineer in AppNexus’ Marketplace-Analytics group. Rick holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Harvey Mudd College.

james goldstein

James formerly worked in sales at AdKarma and the New York Yankees. He is a long distance runner and a hopeless New York Knicks season ticket holder.

Jenny Bivens

Jenny combines experience in project management and process improvement to lead operations in the Media Trading team at Rockerbox. She loves solving problems, Python, and cats!

rich archer

Rich is a software engineer at Rockerbox. He earned a master’s degree in information systems management from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of Richmond.

Eddie Chu

Eddie is a former startup CTO who is passionate about the stories data tell. He enjoys eating his way around the globe and all things sports related.

Mor Bachar

Mor is an industrial engineer, who's passionate about the combination of data science and business strategies. She loves to travel to new places and explore the world through food.

Nicole Glon

Nicole joined Rockerbox from the National Kidney Foundation. She is a Penn State alum and co-captained the 2014 Fencing NCAA champions. Nicole loves to travel and experience new cuisines.

rebecca ulrich

Rebecca comes to Rockerbox from UMWW where she was a planner for ExxonMobil and the U.S Army. She loves exploring the city, food, and dogs (specifically cockapoos).

saila kath

Saila is a recent graduate of NYU and is passionate about using data to deliver scalable and effective business outcomes. You can almost always find her scouring dog shelters looking for new furry siblings or living inside her favorite vegan restaurants.

sarah kurisu

Sarah is a front end engineer at Rockerbox. She previously worked in project management at Upspring Media and graduated from Scripps College. She enjoys traveling, running, watching Netflix, studying Japanese, and rooting for the San Francisco Giants.

Sameen Karim

Sameen comes to Rockerbox via the acquisition of Eventable, where he was a Co-Founder and CEO. Sameen is a proud UC Berkeley dropout and a big believer in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship.

will percival

Will is a full-stack software engineer at Rockerbox. He got into software development because he enjoys creating things and solving puzzles. Will is also a huge UConn sports fan (his alma mater), is a bit of a bookworm and loves playing golf.

kevin hsu

Kevin is Rockerbox’s Implementation Engineer. He comes to Rockerbox from Waypoint Media where he served as Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer. Kevin is a graduate of Harvey Mudd College and can beat anyone in a dance-off.

eddie chou

Eddie joined Rockerbox from Backtrace and, prior to that, AppNexus, leading operations and implementations. He enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu, board games, his two dogs, and cooking.

Ana Chisholm

Ana is an Optimization Analyst for Rockerbox. She is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Physics and English. Ana uses her math and science background to inform her approach to business challenges. She also loves reading about or looking at art, as well as cooking (and eating) food.

Conrad Christensen

Conrad is an alumni of Colorado State, and more recently New York University. He is passionate about learning and has experience in the systems and data domains. For fun Conrad likes to ski and explore NYC for great restaurants.

Blake Maczka

Blake is a product support specialist at Rockerbox. An alum of the University of Michigan where he studied business and competed on the swim team, Blake enjoys reading, pickup basketball, and hiking.

Nitya Mandyam

Nitya is a Data Scientist with a passion for problem solving and using data for effective decision-making. She holds a PhD in Astronomy and aims to apply her training in scientific research and machine learning to understand, build and tune marketing attribution models.

Qun Yan

Qun is a data pipeline engineer at Rockerbox. He earned his Master's degree from Rutgers University. Learning new stuff in any area is a lot of fun for him. He enjoys gaming, anime and he is a Boston Celtics fan.

sara livingston

Sara loves helping smart marketers market smarter. At Rockerbox she works with clients to ensure they're best leveraging Rockerbox to understand their marketing activity and fuel their growth. Sara has spent the last decade building data and analytics products, across consumer marketing and product roles. For fun, Sara loves to explore new retail concepts, test out new brands, and read S-1s.

kelsey kearns

Kelsey is an Account Manager at Rockerbox. She previously worked in Management Consulting and received her Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University. She enjoys trying new recipes, traveling, and studying Chinese.


Jonathan is an Account Director at Rockerbox. He comes from a background of growing revenues and building businesses. In his off time, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, playing basketball, and traveling.

Emily is a Product Specialist at Rockerbox. She previously worked at a digital publisher and attended The College of William & Mary. She loves traveling, baking carrot cake, and ice skating which she competed in for 10 years at the national level.
Williams.jpg (1)
John is Head of Platform Sales. Prior to Rockerbox, John was VP of Sales and Head of US Operations at Rayvn Inc and Co-Founder of BuzzTable (acquired by SYSCO Foods). John enjoys playing golf and music with his friends and getting outdoors with his wife and young daughters.
Joey Stenger

Joey is a Sales Development Representative at Rockerbox. His background is in software sales, and he loves helping companies solve complex problems with cutting-edge technology. His free time is spent traveling and cheering on Cincinnati sports teams.

Simon Salomon
Simon is a Sales Development Representative at Rockerbox. He has an entrepreneurial background in Chile, and worked as an SDR at Red Points. Simon enjoys traveling, cycling and rock climbing. 

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