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Enable companies to better understand their customers and more efficiently grow their businesses

Rockerbox was founded in 2013 by two early AppNexus engineers, Rick and Ron. They started Rockerbox with the idea that recent user behavior (i.e., someone’s last 60 minutes of online activity) is a powerful indicator of buying intent.

This initial idea led Rockerbox to launch a fully managed media service. Harnessing its unique ability to identify and target prospects based on their recent browsing behaviors, Rockerbox began driving successful prospecting campaigns for over 200 brands — ranging from startups to Fortune 100s.

From this foundation, the company has grown and expanded its solutions. Rockerbox is also the creator of the Recency Marketing Platform: a self-service solution that enables marketers to uncover insights about their audience, attribute performance of their ad campaigns, and optimize their media spend.

Just as gold miners used rocker boxes to separate dirt from gold, Rockerbox enables marketers to find their golden nuggets of marketing insight.

Our Team

Ron Jacobson

Prior to founding Rockerbox, Ron led the Real-Time Product group at AppNexus and founded its Marketplace-Analytics group. He has also spoken at AppNexus’ 2012 Summit. Ron graduated with distinction from McGill University with a double major in Computer Science and Economics.

Rick O'Toole

Rick directs the company's product and technology vision. Most recently, he led integrations at AppNexus for companies such as Facebook and Yahoo. He also was a founding data science engineer in AppNexus’ Marketplace-Analytics group. Rick holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Harvey Mudd College.

Stephen Ma

Stephen is a former quantitative analyst in finance, and is now a data scientist at Rockerbox. He splits his time between analytics and amateur MMA.

James Goldstein

James formerly worked in sales at AdKarma and the New York Yankees. He is a long distance runner and a hopeless New York Knicks season ticket holder.

Daniel Shoten

Dan was most recently a Client Success Partner at OrderGroove. He previously worked at AppNexus. Dan is a Syracuse alum, a basketball fanatic, and an optimistic Knicks season ticket holder.

Jenny Bivens

Jenny combines experience in project management and process improvement to lead operations in the Media Trading team at Rockerbox. She loves solving problems, Python, and cats!

Rich Archer

Rich is a software engineer at Rockerbox. He earned a master’s degree in information systems management from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of Richmond.

Kevin Dekyi

A proud Canadian, who is also now an American citizen, Kevin enjoys traveling the world and thinking of ways to better help marketers perform their jobs.

Eddie Chu

Eddie is a former startup CTO who is passionate about the stories data tell. He enjoys eating his way around the globe and all things sports related.

Mor Bachar

Mor is an industrial engineer, who's passionate about the combination of data science and business strategies. She loves to travel to new places and explore the world through food.

Courtney Rannacher

Courtney is passionate about providing and consulting on solutions that have genuine and profound impacts for her clients. A former rugby player, she enjoys boxing, traveling, and trying restaurants.

Nicole Glon

Nicole joined Rockerbox from the National Kidney Foundation. She is a Penn State alum and co-captained the 2014 Fencing NCAA champions. Nicole loves to travel and experience new cuisines.

Rebecca Ulrich

Rebecca comes to Rockerbox from UMWW where she was a planner for ExxonMobil and the U.S Army. She loves exploring the city, food, and dogs (specifically cockapoos).

Jin Qiu

Jin is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. He is passionate about the stories that data can tell and helping others better understand data. Being an adventurer at heart, he enjoys immersing himself in new cultures around the world.

Chris Regan

Chris is Rockerbox’s Lead Front End Engineer. Prior to Rockerbox, Chris was a platform engineer at Codecademy and HBO, and has taught front end development at General Assembly.

Saila Kath

Saila is a recent graduate of NYU and is passionate about using data to deliver scalable and effective business outcomes. You can almost always find her scouring dog shelters looking for new furry siblings or living inside her favorite vegan restaurants.

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At Rockerbox, we are working to enable companies to better understand
their customers and more efficiently grow their businesses.

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