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30 Sep 2022
1 min read

[eBook] Identity Resolution: The Rockerbox Guide to Transparent Attribution

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on September 30, 2022

The customer journey is full of multiple different touchpoints and may take place over several different devices and browsers. How’s a marketer to see a comprehensive buying path with such a fragmented experience? 

Identity resolution. 

With a platform like Rockerbox that can knit together different customer pre-purchase interactions into one cohesive picture, it’s possible for companies to gain a full-circle picture of the buyer journey. 

In our new eBook—Identity Resolution: The Rockerbox Guide to Transparent Attribution—we discuss what identity resolution is, why it’s important, and Rockerbox’s unique approach to achieving it. 

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What we’ll cover: 

  • What Is Identity Resolution? — In this section, we discuss the basics of identity resolution and the technology landscape that necessitates the need for identity resolution solutions. 
  • Why Digital Marketers Need Identity Resolution — In this section, we cover benefits such as enhanced buyer profiles that can come from identity resolution. 
  • How Rockerbox Handles Identity Resolution — Rockerbox’s transparent identity resolution sets us apart from other marketing measurement solutions, and in this section we discuss our approach. 

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