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09 Sep 2022
2 min read

Why Founders <3 Rockerbox

Rockerbox - Val Kirilova Written by Val Kirilova
on September 09, 2022

Thirty percent of Rockerboxers have started a business in the past, putting Rockerbox in good company with other orgs that make a practice of hiring former founders. 

Our core values track with the way founders operate, and former founders thrive here. Rockerboxers have founded tech companies, real estate ventures, media startups, recruiting agencies—all kinds of businesses!

So, why do founders <3 Rockerbox?

It’s about how we operate.

Fail, learn, and iterate

Ron, our CEO, tells all new hires that he’d rather them move quickly, and make a mistake on a reversible decision, than to slow down. In practice, this gives Rockerboxers encouragement to take ownership and permission to make mistakes. As individuals and as a company, this is how we learn and grow.

Company Values: Bias Towards Action and Continually Improve

Speak up

We want everyone, from our most tenured leaders to our newest hires to sound off when they see something that needs attention. Not everyone feels comfortable shouting right away, or all the time, but we make a practice of listening. Why? Because every Rockerboxer has the ability to dramatically steepen the slope of our growth and the company is better when we value folks’ observations. 

Company Value: Speaks Their Mind

Fix it

Pointing out problems is good. Taking initiative to find a solution is much better. Rockerboxers often find that if they raise an issue, their fellow Rockerboxers’ response is, “what do you think we should do about it?” and “what are you doing to help fix this?” The “doer” mentality is critical at our stage. 

Company Value: Solves Problems

Be scrappy

We’re trying to do really hard things with few resources. Putting out the best deliverable when you’re strained for time and tools is tricky but important, because that’s the reality of a startup at our stage. Plus, it’s fun to look back at what we’ve been able to accomplish. 

Company Value: Does More With Less

Former founders have faced many of the challenges we have now, but there’s more to Rockerbox than former founders. People who thrive when things haven’t been fully fleshed out, who enjoy bringing ideas and executing, and who like the thrill of making something from nothing enjoy working at Rockerbox. The key to growing here is to act—say the thing, do the thing, make the thing—and that’s how all Rockerboxers, not just founders, operate. 

Anybody who enjoys building will find a crew of kindred builders at Rockerbox. 

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