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31 Aug 2022
2 min read

August 2022 Rockerbox Integrations: Podsights and LiveIntent

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on August 31, 2022

Rockerbox not only lets you explore marketing attribution across commonly used platforms—with 200+ integrations we allow you to measure all of your marketing. You might have started out with just a few channels, such as search and social, but as your marketing strategy grows, you need an attribution platform to grow with you. On top of having a vast amount of integrations, we’re always adding new ones or improving our existing.

This month, we’re excited to announce we’ve added an integration with Podsights and released an updated integration with LiveIntent. Below, learn about these marketing platforms and what they could add to your strategy. If you’re already using these platforms, this just gives you even more reasons to love being a Rockerbox customer, or to give it a try for your business. 

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Podsights: Podcast Advertising Attribution

podsights logo advertising podcast attribution software

Podsights is a leading podcast attribution platform that helps customers research, plan, and measure the effectiveness of their ads in podcasts—a notoriously difficult-to-track area. Rockerbox’s integration with the Podsights platform helps you not only measure the impact of your podcast advertising, but also see those insights alongside all of your other marketing efforts to understand high-level what’s working and what’s not.

Setup Instructions: Podsights


LiveIntent: Email Advertising Attribution

liveintent logo email advertising attribution software

Email is a powerful channel for marketers to reach potential customers, especially when they leverage programmatic email advertising with a platform like LiveIntent. The updated Rockerbox-LiveIntent integration allows users to see the impact of their LiveIntent marketing in the form of view-through reporting within the Rockerbox dashboard and reports. This updated view data includes view impressions on known opened emails. 

Setup Instructions: LiveIntent


Explore the platform that grows with you

Rockerbox’s numerous and ever-expanding integrations mean we can support you as your marketing strategy grows and changes. From online to offline, paid to organic, we’re here to help you see the full impact of your marketing, so you can make smarter spend and strategy decisions. Reach out to us to learn more about these integrations or to discuss implementing Rockerbox at your company. 

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