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Written by Sara Livingston
on January 27, 2021

We know the pending iOS14 changes and its impact to ad tracking and measurement is top of mind for everyone. Especially on Facebook/Instagram and app-install campaigns.


Please see below for an update on how this impacts use of Rockerbox and our ability to continue to best track and attribute touchpoints and conversions to FB/IG and app-install campaigns.

Also if interested, please see here for our broader perspective on the impact of iOS14 changes on the marketing landscape.

We'll continue to provide updates if/when any of the below changes. 

This is certainly an evolving topic, though we have a proven track report of staying ahead and adapting to privacy and tracking changes in order to continue to provide a single source of truth for marketing.


FB/IG Tracking Impact in Rockerbox:

No change so far!

As of right now, there will be no immediate impact to how Rockerbox tracks clicks and views from FB/IG.

  • Clicks will continue to be tracked via Rockerbox tracking parameters on the clickthrough URL.
  • Views will continue to be probabilistically modeled via our Synthetic Events feature.

Based on everything FB/IG has shared, none of the attributes we use to derive Synthetic Events will be immediately impacted as we currently model this off 1-day view already.

That being said, FB/IG and Apple can certainly change their mind at any point and change the data points they are sharing.

Similar to any feature, we're always actively working to optimize and improve it. And that's certainly the case with synthetic events. We're exploring what other attributes might be used to derive touchpoints.


App Install Campaigns Impact in Rockerbox: 


There will now be delayed tracking of app-install touchpoints and conversions in Rockerbox.

This is a direct result of Apple purposely delaying app-install attribution by ~24-48 hours. This means that conversion events will be reported based on the time that they are reported to by the SKAdNetwork API. 

Rockerbox will continue to ingest in-app events via your MMP partners (Branch, Appsflyer). 

And all of the changes will live within your MMP (as Rockerbox does not have an SDK and is not directly collecting in-app activity).

The good news is most MMP providers have already updated to Apple’s SKAdNetwork API framework to accommodate App Tracking Transparency (ATT) Framework (aka: the prompt), which will result in some changes for how you (and Rockerbox) operate.




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