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Data: The Key to a
Confident Marketing Strategy

Demystify the Buyer Funnel

Looking to expand your upper funnel with new channels like OTT? Want to see how big of an impact your new channel tests are having on your priority customers? Rockerbox helps you back up your channel expansion with data so you can drive your strategy forward with less risk. 


Own Your Data. Dig Into the Insights.

Quality insights start with complete, accurate datasets. Rockerbox helps health and beauty marketers set a data foundation and run next-level marketing analyses in their data warehouse, whether that’s Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, or Google BigQuery.

Evaluate New Product + Channel Launches

Understand which products and marketing channels are moving the needle with Rockerbox’s user-friendly reporting UI. You never know which new marketing avenue will skyrocket your success, but with Rockerbox, you can test and scale confidently. 

The Data Products:
Building a Health + Beauty
Data Foundation

Rockerbox’s Data products help health and beauty brands centralize data from multiple different sources and set the stage for confident marketing analysis, decision-making, and budget planning.

Collect for Health + Beauty

Rockerbox Collect helps health and beauty marketing teams consolidate marketing performance data that’s necessary to understand what’s working in their strategy. 

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Track for Health + Beauty 

Rockerbox Track helps health and beauty brands access a first-party, marketing-centric, user-level dataset designed to help explore and answer key questions about marketing. 

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Export for Health + Beauty 

Rockerbox Export helps health and beauty marketers get more from their data warehouse by providing a seamless transfer of high-quality datasets that can be further analyzed and combined with other data.

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“At Nutrafol we often talk about the analytics machine. We relate it to a car a lot and upgrading the engine. We had this old engine prior to Rockerbox, which was disparate data sources—partner data, attribution, website data, promo codes, all of our different data sources—and Rockerbox brings all that stuff into one place to dedupe it across channels.”

-Justin Dwork, formerly Director of Analytics, Nutrafol


The Analysis Products: 
Analyzing Health + Beauty Marketing Effectiveness

Rockerbox’s Analysis Products help health and beauty marketers understand which channels and tactics are moving the needle and gain insight into the buyer journey from start to finish. 

Journey for Health + Beauty 

Rockerbox Journey gives health and beauty marketers full-funnel visibility, allowing them to understand things like: best top of funnel channels, tactics, and campaigns; the number of touchpoints in a conversion path; the time to conversion; the overlap between channels; and more. 

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MMM Icon

MMM for Health + Beauty

Rockerbox MMM helps health and beauty marketers understand the relationship between their marketing investments and revenue so they can make data-backed decisions about where to allocate overall budget.

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Optimize for Health + Beauty

Rockerbox Optimize lets health and beauty marketers set performance goals and get real-time optimization suggestions geared at improving the performance of individual marketing channels. 

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“For us, Rockerbox is the most important tool we utilize to measure and inform our decision-making. Rockerbox enables us to use the facts, use the data and make those decisions. It enables us to understand what touches came in which order and helps us determine how we’d like to weight the multi-touch attribution moving forward.”

— Zack Abbell, Vice President of Digital and Ecommerce, TULA

Rockerbox: Better Data >
Better Analysis > Better Decisions

As a health and beauty marketer, you don’t just want to be good at marketing—you want to be great. Rockerbox supports you with high-quality data and multiple measurement methods to help you understand your customer and buyer journey, and map a path to success.