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Marketing Analysis You Can Trust.
Insights to Help You Succeed.

As a financial services business, you’re focused on being equal parts digitally literate so you can succeed in the modern marketing world, while still upholding user trust and security. Rockerbox supports you in both facets with a reliable, complete data foundation and multiple measurement methods to track every channel you market on and unlock visibility into the full customer journey. 

Track and Optimize Your Channel Performance

A data-driven team is a successful team. Rockerbox helps marketers track performance and dive into metrics like ROAS and CPA per channel—giving them the insights they need to make budget optimizations and scale effective channels. 

A Data Foundation You Can Rely On

You have a reputation of security and privacy to uphold as a financial services organization, and it’s just important to us as it is to you. Rockerbox prioritizes security in everything we do, from our first-party data foundation to our SOC 2 Type II certification.

Make Complex Data Problems Simpler

When your marketing involves evaluating massive datasets to get performance insights, it’s easy to be slowed down by manual work and processes. With Rockerbox, you can centralize data with ease and sync your data to your data warehouse where it can be combined with other datasets to complete next-level analyses. 


The Data Products:
Building a Financial Services Data Foundation

Rockerbox’s Data products help finance companies aggregate data from multiple different marketing and ecommerce platforms and make it available both in our UI and in other formats and platforms you might need.

Collect for Financial Services

Rockerbox Collect helps financial services marketing teams reduce the manual effort and potential for error involved in marketing data collection. 

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Track for Financial Services

Rockerbox Track helps financial services companies establish a first-party, marketing-centric, user-level dataset that can be used to answer pivotal marketing questions. 

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Export for Financial Services

Rockerbox Export allows financial services marketers to transfer data to their data warehouse with ease and simplify the process of combining datasets to gain more business and customer insights. 

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"A lot of things had been very manual prior to [setting up the Rockerbox warehousing solution]. So a lot of individual data dumps, marketing managers going into Rockerbox and getting their own data and trying to manipulate it. A lot of what we've done now is set up automated data processes where they're able to just pull that data quickly, saving them tons of time every single day, and of waiting for a report, having to export it themselves, sort through different things, and now they're able to just quickly do it within a few minutes, rather than [hours]."

— Emily Imler, Senior Marketing Analytics Manager, Greenlight


The Analysis Products: 
Analyzing Financial Services Marketing Effectiveness

Rockerbox’s Analysis Products help financial services marketers monitor performance against their marketing goals, scale channels, and make smarter budgeting decisions. 

Journey for Financial Services

If you’re looking for more visibility and clarity into how your customers find your brand and the steps they take on the way to purchase, Rockerbox Journey can offer you that view. Explore the path to purchase, the funnel makeup, channel overlap, and more. 

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MMM for Financial Services

Rockerbox MMM helps financial services marketers understand the high-level relationship between their marketing investments and their revenue so they can understand what’s really moving the needle and set budgets with confidence. 

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Optimize for Financial Services

Rockerbox Optimize gives financial services marketers a clear roadmap to achieving channel performance goals with goal setting tools and data-backed spend adjustments.

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“Having Rockerbox made it a lot easier for us to do an in depth analysis on our out of home marketing, answering questions like—What did our brand awareness look like? What did everything look like pulled together and combined with our brand searches, our organic search? It's been very interesting to be able to overlap our data that we were getting on the ground with this solution that we were able to easily access within Rockerbox. We never would have been able to combine those datasets and look at them strategically if we hadn't had that solution in place.”

— Emily Imler, Senior Marketing Analytics Manager, Greenlight

Rockerbox: Trusted by Financial Services Marketers

Rockerbox supports you as you manage your existing marketing mix, test new channels, and scale your business. Find out more about how we can help you keep track of your key metrics and uncover the full customer journey in a 1-1 meeting with our team.