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28 Oct 2020
Industry Trends | 1 min read

DTC Marketing Stack - V1.02

Rockerbox - Ron Jacobson Written by Ron Jacobson
on October 28, 2020

Every day we're asked by our customers for vendor recommendations. While we're agnostic to the tools, technologies and vendors that our customers use, we do have a unique view of which vendors are most used across Rockerbox's 100+ DTC customers.  

We're going to continue a running DTC Marketing Stack showing the most used vendors across all of our clients.We're committed to updating this database as new vendors and categories come along across our customers. If there's someone you think we missed please email with details.


V1.02: New sections for Podcasts and Privacy

V1.0: The original. We've put together V1.0 of the DTC Marketing stack by aggregating the vendors that we see our customers using


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