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When budgets are tighter than ever, there’s no room for ineffective channels in your marketing strategy. Without a single source of marketing metrics, it is nearly impossible to know what channels, offline or online, are truly driving business.

Rockerbox demystifies your marketing to uncover the channels that are performing and shed light on your customers’ path to purchasing. 


Helping you scale, from launch to IPO

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    Access Centralized Data

    See all your marketing performance in one place and access a complete set of tools to scale your DTC brand.
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    Track All Channels

    Get visibility into all your marketing, including online and offline channels, and gain access to view-through data on hard-to-track channels like Pinterest.
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    See Paths to Conversion

    Understand which parts of your marketing drive purchases with user-level, de-deduplicated paths to conversion.

Spend Benchmarks: How does your spending measure up?

Which advertising channels are top DTC brands investing in to drive conversions? Get in the know with our State of Spend Report by signing up for Rockerbox Free.

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More Than Just Attribution



Rockerbox is trusted by more than 150 of the most complex digital first brands to help make better marketing decisions.

Multi-Method Approach

No one methodology is perfect, that’s why Rockerbox uses multiple. We incorporate rule-based attribution, multi-touch attribution, halo analysis, geo lift, in-channel testing, incrementality, and media mix modeling to give you the most complete and accurate view of your customer journey.


Your success is our success, which is why we are committed to helping you meet your goals through 1:1 onboarding and implementation with our award winning Customer Solutions team.

Why Our Customers
❤️ Rockerbox️

“I use Rockerbox as a source of truth for understanding the impact of my marketing experiments.”
Marjorie Chelius
Marjorie Chelius VP Marketing
“For us, Rockerbox is the most important tool we utilize to measure and inform our decision-making. Rockerbox enables us to use the facts, use the data, and make those decisions.”
Zack Abbell
Zack Abbell Vice President of Digital & E-Commerce
“There’s definitely no way we would have been able to scale our spend in the way we have these last few years without Rockerbox.”
Darcy Pollock
Darcy Pollock Senior Director of Customer Acquisition & Retention
American Giant

Marketing Measurement and Attribution That Can Grow With You From Launch to Scale


Can you really track all my marketing?
Yes! We offer 200+ integrations with everything from podcast platforms and social channels to direct mail — and we have methodologies for measuring even hard-to-track channels. For example, when we track direct mail, we work directly with your vendor to get address lists that can be compared to your users that actually convert to understand the impact of that channel.
How long does your solution take to get up and running?
Onboarding Rockerbox is a custom experience. With instant insights to spend trends and industry data, your time to value is immediate. Most brands have all channels integrated and are on a path to operationalizing within the first few weeks of signing on Rockerbox.
How are you handling constant privacy updates and loss of tracking visibility?
Rockerbox is a future-proof solution with a commitment to updating our technology to weather any industry shifts. In light of Chrome’s removal of 3rd-party cookies and additional privacy changes from Apple, we launched Custom Tracking Domains in 2019. With this implementation, trackers are served from a company’s own domain and Rockerbox is treated as a 1st-party cookie by all browsers.
Can you scale with my company?
Rockerbox is suited for brands at multiple stages of development. Our Free and Starter plans offer the basics of measurement and help you set your company up for data-driven success, whereas our Scale plan offers additional integrations, conversion tracking, data views, and more.

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