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Written by Ron Jacobson
on December 19, 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce that Rockerbox has acquired Eventable!

This acquisition accelerates Rockerbox across the board. The addition of Eventable’s calendar marketing platform allows us to provide more value to existing customers while expanding our customer base. We’ve also strengthened the Rockerbox team by adding extremely talented new members. Most importantly, we’ve put Rockerbox in a stronger position to build new technologies that enable companies to better understand their customers. 

Why Eventable?

We’ve worked with Eventable over the past three years. Not only do we share a passion for serving marketers, but we also share a culture of innovation. Together, we saw an opportunity to build a differentiated, more complete marketing platform.

Eventable will maintain its brand and service as one of Rockerbox’s product offerings. Its co-founders, Sameen Karim and Akash Malhotra, will be joining the Rockerbox team along with key team members.

What is Eventable?

Eventable enables marketers to communicate with consumers through digital calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook, iOS, etc).

Eventable’s smart “add to calendar” buttons can be embedded on display ads, websites, emails or even social media posts. These buttons allow consumers to easily add dynamic events (i.e., promotions) to their own calendar. Marketers can even send personalized calendar notifications (beyond the default 15-minute reminder) and measure in-calendar engagement.

Eventable has been used by over 12,000 businesses — from fast-growing ecommerce sites and Fortune 500 brands to nonprofit organizations and universities.

Smarter Marketing from Rockerbox

Moving forward, you can expect further development of the Rockerbox product suite in exciting new ways. You’ll see deeper integrations between the Rockerbox and Eventable products, and a more powerful combined platform as a result.

We’re extremely thrilled to welcome Eventable to the Rockerbox family, and look forward to growing further and faster. 

Check out the article in TechCrunch

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