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14 Oct 2022
Template | 1 min read

Marketing Performance Reporting  Template

Rockerbox - Omar from Rockerbox Written by Omar from Rockerbox
on October 14, 2022

Open Marketing Performance Report Template

A) What does this template show?

  • The Marketing Performance template enables you to view weighted CPA/ROAS against marketing placements for new and existing users.
  • For a given time frame, it shows all marketing spend and conversions mapped back to each marketing placement

B) When to use this template

  • This template should be leveraged for enhanced analysis and reporting outside of the Attribution Report view
    • Layering Rockerbox data into your weekly/monthly/quarterly performance reports
    • Comparing New vs. Repeat customer performance
    • Comparing performance by Tactic or Audience
  • See here for expanded use cases

C) Rockerbox report this template leverages: Buckets Breakdown

D) Who can use this template?: Paid Rockerbox users

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