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14 Aug 2022
Template | 1 min read

Facebook Comparison Template

Rockerbox - Omar from Rockerbox Written by Omar from Rockerbox
on August 14, 2022

Open Facebook Comparison Template

A) What does this template show?

  • The Facebook platform comparison template enables you to compare Rockerbox de-duplicated performance reporting to in-platform (siloed) performance reporting
  • For a given time frame, it shows all Rockerbox reported spend, conversions, CPA, and ROAS and revenue and all Facebook reported spend, conversions, revenue, CPA, and ROAS mapped back to each marketing placement

B) When to use this template

With this template you can do the following:

  • Layer platform data into your weekly/monthly/quarterly performance reports
  • Generate channel specific reports with non-conversion metrics (e.g., TikTok video plays)
  • Automate analyses to support in-channel optimizations

C) Rockerbox report this template leverages: Buckets Breakdown and Platform Performance Report

D) Who can use this template? Paid Rockerbox users

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