Granular reporting

View conversion counts and revenue and driven by each TV or radio spot. Pull attribution reports by timing, media outlets, program or DMA.


Combine with other channels

Effective offline ads should make your online media perform better - uncover if this is happening with Rockerbox. Get a single source of truth for conversion counts across marketing channels.


Full user-level conversion paths

Tie specific users back to your TV ads. Rockerbox probabilistically determines your ad's impact on each user conversion path.

How it works


Rockerbox automatically processes TV or radio data files.

This includes time of airing, media outlet(e.g., BBC America), program (e.g., Planet earth) and DMA.


Rockerbox updates user conversion paths with TV or radio touchpoint.

This can be done for a specific group of users where Rockerbox only considers a percentage of the visitors arriving on site.


Attribution models rerun on updated browsing path.

Rockerbox determines the value of TV or radio touchpoint. Rockerbox also determines how this touchpoint impacts other channels.

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