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How to Win More Customers with Snapchat + Rockerbox

Rockerbox and Snap teamed up to bring you a cornerstone guide to advertising and marketing on Snapchat, the what, the why, and the how. Snapchat is a powerful tool for B2C brands that want to reach a Gen Z and Millennial audience that’s primed and ready to purchase. In the playbook we share best practices for leveraging the platform and analyzing your success with Rockerbox’s integration that factors in both click and view data to show you the full value of your media investments on Snap. 



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Download the Playbook Today

Download to learn:
  • Chapter 1
    Snap Basics:
    Who’s on Snap, how and when they’re using Snap, how Snap stands out from other platforms, and more.
  • Chapter 2 
    Who Does Snap Work For?:

    What industries and types of companies should invest in Snap + success stories.
  • Chapter 3
    Advantages and Challenges:

    Where Snap excels and where you might have difficulties.
  • Chapter 4
    Snap Content Types Deep Dive:

    What different content types do you have at your disposal for marketing?
  • Chapter 5
    Measurement, Testing, and Budgeting:

    How to measure success, what to measure, and best practices for testing and budgeting.

About Rockerbox

Rockerbox is a measurement and attribution that empowers marketers from launch to scale, helping them easily see and evaluate channel effectiveness. We’ve built our platform for smart marketers to help them spend, analyze, scale, test, and market smarter. 

Rockerbox helps you to execute better in-channel optimizations and stop wasting money on channels that aren’t performing. We take the frustration out of constructing clean, actionable data, empowering you to accomplish your goals without the need for additional technical resources. 

No one methodology is perfect, that’s why Rockerbox uses multiple. We incorporate multi-touch attribution, halo analysis, geo lift, in-channel testing, incrementality, and media mix modeling to give you the most complete and accurate view of your customer journey.

About Snap

Originally founded in 2011, Snapchat has grown over the past decade and now boasts 375 million active daily users that send millions of messages every day. Originally the app functioned as an ephemeral, visual communication service—a key differentiating factor from other services being that conversation was driven from the camera, and messages disappeared after a set period of time.

The modern Snapchat app has evolved in functionality, now enabling live video chat, augmented reality, maps, video sharing, and a story feature that allows users to chronicle moments of their life and share the content with all of their followers. 


No more confusion. Just real marketing insights.

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