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affordable attribution software

Built for Your Budget

Enterprise-grade data centralization and attribution are no longer reserved for the world's largest brands.

data driven attribution software

Transparent and Customizable

Rockerbox is fully transparent and customizable. Fine-tune the platform to match your business goals.

simple attribution software

Clean and Simple Setup

Just add the Rockerbox code to your site—we do the heavy lifting.

Marketing Managers

attribution software for marketing managers
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    Correctly manage campaign budget

    Know what's working and what's incremental. Eliminate wasted spend and drive more conversions.

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    Uncover the entire path to conversion on a user level

    View customer-level browsing paths to determine the most common paths that lead your customers to convert.

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    Make decisions based on organized data

    Rockerbox ingests all data from both online and offline channels. Nothing is siloed.

Data Analysts

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    Get time back

    We centralize and normalize all data for your online and offline conversion events.

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    Compare attribution models

    Access all rule-based models (first-touch, last-touch, etc.) along with our machine learning models.

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    View log-level data

    See how users engage by touchpoints in chronological order and how each touchpoint is valued by the algorithm.

CFO / Finance

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    Is your marketing profitable?

    How long does it take to recoup your investment? Do customers from certain campaigns repeat more than others? Rockerbox has the answers.

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    CAC / LTV by cohort

    With Rockerbox you can uncover the CAC and LTV of your customers by cohort or marketing channel of acquisition.

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    Validate budget requests

    Rockerbox provides the data you need to determine if budget should be cut, kept the same or ramped up.


Patrick Gleason, Director of Growth Marketing, TULA

We developed our entire budget for 2020 based on Rockerbox attribution data. We leveraged Rockerbox to dictate what our spend was going to be in different channels, what new channels we were going to try to test into and what our assumed ROAS numbers were going to be.

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