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Why the Core Four Marketing Data Sets are Difficult to Consistently Produce

affordable attribution software

Cross device identity resolution

Rockerbox enables you to customize the order in which Identity is resolved. Having a customized ordering for your business ensures the highest proportion of user touch points are connected across devices.

data driven attribution software

Combining deterministic + probabilistic data

Not all channels are created equally. Ensuring you have access to the data sets necessary, plus the ability to model against incomplete data sets is critical.

simple attribution software

Delayed data + backfilling

Increasingly, certain marketing dat sets are only available with delays. Building a pipeline that can manage this complexity is significantly more difficult.


Proprietary data sets

Getting access to the proper data sets to measure channels like OTT, display impressions, CTV and Podcasts is required yet difficult.


Inconsistent Taxonomy

Despite attempts to standardize, every company eventually has taxonomy issues. What is prospecting for one channel is branding for the next. Knowing this and being able to clean the data is necessary for clean data sets.


Marketing Resources

Having the resources to do this once is difficult. Having the ongoing resources to maintain the building of your own Core Four data sets is next to impossible.

Rockerbox is here to help

For any one company, solving these challenges isn’t core to your business. Leveraging the resultant Core Four Marketing Data Sets however is core to growing your business. With Rockerbox, these challenges are solved. You no longer need to invest the time and resources to solve problems that aren’t unique to your organization and can instead build atop these data sets.

Rockerbox constructs the Core Four Marketing Data Sets for you


The Core Four Marketing Data Sets are consistently delivered to where you need it

S3, SFTP, Google Cloud Storage


Your team leverages the data instead of trying to create it

Get started with

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