Watch Summer Camp Elevated On-Demand featuring MNTN, Snowflake, Byte, Ollie, and so much more.

Day 1 Sessions

Day 1 Session 1 featuring Rockerbox

Your Top Data Questions, Answered

Day 1 Session 2 featuring Reddit

Big Ideas: The Past, Present, and Future of Marketing Data

Day 1 Session 3 featuring Burton and Byte

Everything in One Place: Burton + Byte Discuss Data Centralization

Day 1 Session 4 featuring Snowflake 

How to Optimize Your Marketing Data Within Your Data Warehouse

Day 1 Session 5 featuring Ollie

Customer Story: How Ollie Succeeds with Rockerbox

Day 1 Session 6 featuring Rockerbox 

On the Roadmap with Rockerbox 

Day 2 Sessions

Day 2 Session 1 featuring Rockerbox

Your Top Analytics Questions, Answered

Day 2 Session 2 featuring Peddle

Customer Story: How Peddle Succeeds with Rockerbox

Day 2 Session 3 featuring MNTN, Snap, and Reddit

Big Ideas: Best Practices in Marketing Measurement for 2024 and Beyond

Day 2 Session 4 featuring Google

Talking MMM with Google's Meridian Product Lead and Rockerbox’s CTO

Day 2 Session 5 featuring INDOCHINO

Customer Story: How Indochino Increased Efficiency and Lowered CPA with Rockerbox's MTA and MMM

Day 2 Session 6 featuring MNTN 

Stretch Ad-Strong: The Latest Flexible Tools Improving CTV Measurement 

Day 2 Session 6 featuring Power Digital

Diversified Measurement: Triangulating Impact


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