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C Suite


Spend more where it matters

Budget more for advertising, not technology. Your attribution software shouldn't come at the expense of your media.

See a complete view of marketing performance

Get a single source of truth for conversion counts, ROAS, CPAs, LTV, and more.

Get onboarded quickly

Onboarding takes quarters with legacy providers. Be up and running with Rockerbox in a few weeks.

Marketing Managers


Correctly manage campaign budget

Know what's working and not working to eliminate wasted spend and drive more conversions.

Uncover the entire path to conversion on a user level

View customer level browsing paths to determine the most common paths that lead your customers to convert.

Make decisions based on organized data

Rockerbox ingests all data from both online and offline channels. Nothing is siloed.

Data Analysts


Get time back

We centralize and normalize all data for your online and offline conversion events.

Compare attribution models

Access all rule-based models (first-touch, last-touch etc.) along with our machine learning models.

View log-level data

See how users engage by touchpoints in chronological order and how each touchpoint is valued by the algorithm.

Attribution Modeling
Tailor your attribution model to your actual marketing funnel

Machine Learning based multi-touch models

Rockerbox builds and maintains custom built attribution models, combining the data from your marketing channels, overall customer behavior and conversion events.

Model Comparison

Easily compare marketing performance between machine learning based models and traditional rule-based models, such as last-touch. See how metrics, such as CPA, or ROAS vary across attribution models.

Full model transparency

Rockerbox builds and maintains custom built attribution models, combining the data from your marketing channels, overall customer behavior and conversion events.


Get a single source of truth to make decisions about your marketing


Centralized and clean data

Centralized and Clean DataExamine results by touchpoint, channel and customer segment. Quickly see accurate conversion counts, CPA, iCPA, ROAS and LTV.

User level reporting

See how a user engaged with your brand by touchpoint, date & time. Push cleaned unsampled data to wherever it's needed on a recurring basis.

Conversion & spend data in one place

See all conversion data and spend data in one dashboard. Conversions are fully de-duplicated across all your channels.

Customer Analysis

Understand how your customers yield profit over time


Incrementality analysis

All of your buying platforms enable you to perform incrementally tests. Rockerbox ingests these results and applies it to your unified data.

Customer browsing paths, across every device

View every customer interaction on every device. Reveal the most common paths to purchase across all your customers.

LTV Reporting

Rockerbox ingests and organizes your historical customer order data to calculate a true LTV for long-term customers.


Take your strategy to the next level

Get the full performance picture so you can start making better decisions for your marketing and your brand.