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Gain Exceptional Visibility

Access insights into the marketing leading your growth


Access insights into the marketing leading your growth

Measure the marketing that is effectively reaching new people and bringing them to your website

Unified View

Analyze across all your marketing—digital, social, organic, TV, OTT—to attribute the right channel

Laser-Focused KPIs

Intimately understand key performance indicators, such as cost per visitor, bounce rate, average pageviews per session, and number of new visitors brought by each channel

Say No to Data Silos

Stop relying on incomplete or outdated data


Go Beyond GA

Google Analytics might tell you how many visitors you have, but it can't accurately report new visitors, unify all your spend or measure your offline marketing

Fight the Fragmentation

Vendor reporting is siloed and doesn't consider other marketing that may have actually impacted your users

Measure the Full Funnel

Conversion-based attribution reports limit you to people who have made a purchase, skewing insights about your true top-of-funnel

Better, Faster Decisions

Get informed about your marketing investments


Cost-Effective Acquisition

Pinpoint which channels are best at bringing net-new visitors to your website. Optimize your cost per visitor, on-site engagement and down-funnel conversion rate.

End-to-End Insights

Starting from the campaign that brought users in, understand which marketing is best at converting them. View channels based on their role in the funnel and better optimize them.

Efficient Optimization

Quickly identify campaigns that are not performing efficiently or are bringing in low-quality leads. Make decisions based on data while users are still at the top of your funnel.


Integrates with tools you already use

Rockerbox works alongside all major e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ad platforms and more.