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See how your influencers affect all of your marketing

Influencers can be an important part of your marketing strategy but hard to see when analyzing attribution. How can you effectively capture these touchpoints and see them as part of your user conversion path?

Rockberbox equips you to understand how your  influencer partnerships affect the rest of your digital and offline marketing channels. From isolated reports measuring the success metrics of traffic, purchases, and revenues to cohesive reports looking at the paths your customers took before making a purchase, your influence marketing budget can become scalable, testable, and holistic with the rest of your efforts.


Influencer attribution driven by what works for you

Rockerbox's flexible system offers multiple paths to record and attribute influencer conversions. The platform allows you to track these important marketing touchpoints through promo codes, vanity URLs and post-purchase surveys.


Easy to setup and manage

Rockerbox gives you one place to track your sponsored influencers and how much you're spending. Adding or adjusting a campaign takes just a few clicks.

How it works


Enter your influencer sponsorships

Tell us the sponsorships you're running, how much you're spending on each, and how you'd like to track them.

Rockerbox attributes purchases to influencers

Rockerbox determines if the user engaged with an influencer and includes it in their conversion path.

Analyze your influencer ROI and make adjustments

Leverage Rockerbox's data to determine which influencers are working and factor in your other paid channels to find your true CPA.


Optimize your influencer investment