Stop Wasting Time Downloading Reports


Compiling a simple summary of all your ad platforms’ performance can take a few hours to assemble. You need to:

  • - Pull data from each platform
  • - Standardize columns
  • - Format data by strategy

The Marketing Data Starter Pack removes these tedious tasks and puts the data right at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on the reports you need to do your job.

Marketing Channel Optimization Template

Lay a Data-Driven Foundation

  • Marketing measurement is crucial towards running a successful organization. The Marketing Data Starter Pack lays the measurement foundation through Google Sheets.

  • Prebuilt templates let you skip right to planning, setting budget and goals, and analyzing performance across your top platforms.

Turbocharge Your Growth

Maximize the effect of every marketing dollar you spend towards building your business. We’ll take care of automating the exhausting monotonous work, while you reap the benefits of smart decision-making built off data we collect.

DTC Marketing Dashboard

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Starter Pack

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