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Get the complete picture of your customers’ path to conversion.
Optimize your marketing efforts and media spend.

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Customizable Attribution Models

Measure marketing impact with various multi-touch models. We'll even recommend the best model based on your goals.

Combine Multiple Channels

Cross-channel tracking allows you to get a comprehensive view of all your marketing activities (whether online or offline).

On-Demand Reports

Our platform refreshes data frequently so you can pull up-to-date reporting as often as you need.

Advanced Analytics

Access granular data, as well as high-level summaries and analysis, to understand paths to conversion.

Simple Setup Process

Getting started is as easy as placing a pixel on your website and creatives. No dev work required!

Expert Support

Our customer success team is here to help you every step of the way and ensure you get the most out of Rockerbox.

  Identify the strongest paths to conversion

Remove the guesswork in site analytics. Understand the steps users take on your site that lead to conversions.

  Gain customer insights

What types of customers are converting on your site? Learn who they are and what content influences them.

  Optimize your site content

Auto-identify conversion funnels to understand which parts of your website can be improved.

  Unify online and offline data

Get a centralized view of your media campaigns, whether they’re digital, OTT, TV, or print.

  Tie your media campaigns to outcomes

Know what portion of revenue you can attribute to your different channels and vendors.

  Audit your media vendors

Verify where your ads are served to ensure your vendors are doing what they say they’re doing.

  Reallocate your spend with confidence

As campaign performance fluctuates, get automatic recommendations on how you should adjust your spend.

  Find new places to engage high-intent users

Access lists of additional sites where you can serve, as well as sites you should avoid.

  Acquire new customers at scale

Consistently spend dollars in the right channels and eliminate advertising waste.

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