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Built for your budget

We’ve democratized multi-touch attribution, making it affordable for organizations large and small.

Machine learning models

Our machine learning models use your historical data to accurately assign credit to each of your marketing interactions. 

Clean & simple setup

Just add the Rockerbox code to your site and define your conversion events — we’ll do the heavy lifting. 

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Spend more where it matters

Rockerbox was made affordable so you can spend more on your advertising and less on technology.

Get a complete view of marketing performance

We provide a single source of truth for conversion counts, CPAs, ROAS (return on ad spend) and LTV.

Be up and running quickly

Get started with machine learning attribution in just a few weeks, not months.



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Correctly manage campaign budget

Know how you should allocate your campaign budget to drive more conversions and eliminate wasted spend.

Uncover the entire path to conversion on a user level

View customer level browsing paths to determine the most common paths that lead your customers to convert.

Make decisions based on clean data

We ingest and organize all data from both online and offline channels. Know what needs to be done without hesitation.



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Data Analyst


Get time back

Cut time cleaning data. We centralize and normalize all data for your online and offline conversion events.

Compare attribution models

We provide all of the base attribution models (first-touch, last-touch, etc). Compare these to our machine learning multi-touch models.

Access log-level data

View how users engage with your brand by touchpoints in chronological order and how each touchpoint is valued by the algorithm.

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