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Optimize against Deduplicated Conversions

Rockerbox ingests, organizes & combines all your data


Optimizing Existing Budgets

Focus on what matters- understanding path to conversion and optimizing performance to drive growth


Get ROAS Positive More Quickly

How quickly do you need a channel to be ROAS positive? How much loss are you willing to accept before a customer becomes profitable?

Rockerbox enables you to uncover the strategies / channels that bring customers which match your business needs.


Test Channels Intelligently

Tests may or may not work. That's ok.

What's not ok is testing a new channel and not knowing what the true results were. By centralizing all of your marketing, Rockerbox ensures you'll never waste money running with inconclusive results.

Empower your Marketers, Data Scientists and Data Engineers

  • Fully Exportable Marketing Data

    Why re-build the wheel? Rockerbox provides log-level reporting of all the marketing data (sessions, conversions, spend, browsing paths) for your engineers to build upon.

  • Unified Incrementality & Lift

    Are you running per-channel incrementality / hold-out tests? Rockerbox ingests results of these tests and models it atop your data.

  • Interactive modeling

    Rockerbox enables you to see all the underlying details behind all of our models. Take your destiny into your own hands and customize the models to match your business needs.


Hear directly from our customers

Understand which of your customers yield profit over time


Customer browsing paths, cross-device

View every customer interaction on every device. Reveal the most common paths to purchase across all your customers.

Advanced user level segmentation

Analyze your marketing performance by multiple user segments, such as new or repeat customers.

Customer LTV analysis and reporting

Rockerbox ingests and organizes all historical customer order data, giving you the true lifetime value for long-term customers.


Grant Goldman — Marketing Director at GREATS

We’ve seen direct mail be a high-performing channel for us. With our previous tools it was difficult to measure incremental performance of these channels, but with Rockerbox, we’re able to track, monitor and validate our spend.

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Attribution Dashboard

Attribution dashboard

Examine results by touchpoint, channel and customer segment. Quickly see accurate conversion counts, CPA, ROAS and LTV.

User Level Reporting

User level reporting

See how every user engaged with your brand by marketing touchpoint, date & time.

Conversion & spend data

All your data is exportable

Automatically push cleaned unsampled data to where it's needed (S3, SFTP, BigQuery) on a recurring basis.

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