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Finding Overlapping Touches (on the Converters Page)

At Rockerbox, our goal is to make you a more efficient marketer. This guide will help you make the most out of the Converters page in your Rockerbox dashboard, specifically the Customer Distribution view.


With this view, be sure to select a marketing channel in the "Show Customers that Engaged with" dropdown. Once you select one channel, you can find the overlapping touches that customers also engaged with. It’s a powerful way to identify relationships between marketing channels.

For example, a Rockerbox client, a direct-to-consumer company, discovered that a large portion of customers coming from Paid Search ended up looking for coupons online before converting, and as a result, Affiliate was taking away much of the credit from Paid Search in a Last Touch model.


Let’s use the example above. By selecting Display, the data illustrates what other channels converters interacted with in addition to Display. The Overlapping Touches table includes those channels along with additional data. 


The Percent column displays how significant of a role each marketing channel is. In the above example, the data shows that 38.76% of customers who engaged with Display also engaged with Email.


You may also notice in the example above that the First Touch and Last Touch conversion counts do not add up to the Total — it can be less or more.

The Total conversion count shown may be lower because there are instances where one marketing event could count as both First Touch and Last Touch (if it's the only marketing event in the user journey).

The Total conversion count shown may be higher because there are marketing events in between the First and Last Touch that are not displayed in this particular table.

For more details on how to navigate this particular page, check out our help article!