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Written by Courtney Rannacher
on May 31, 2018

Need to maximize viewer engagement and tune-in? Now, there’s a comprehensive solution for that: The Rockerbox Tune-In Package.

If you’re a marketer in the entertainment industry, you know how complicated tune-in campaigns can be. You're challenged with targeting the right audience and crafting the right message in a very short period of time. But that's just the beginning, since you also need to ensure your audience tunes in and then measure the effectiveness of your campaign. These are exactly the types of challenges that we at Rockerbox love to solve!

Why now?

The Rockerbox Tune-In Package is a direct outcome of our recent acquisition of Eventable. We’ve integrated Eventable’s calendar marketing technology with our Recency Activation technology. If you’re not already familiar, Recency Activation uncovers viewers’ most recent browsing behaviors. This allows us to determine which behaviors led current users to a site to tune in for either new or existing shows. We can then create a catalog of behaviors that indicate intent in order to target new viewers.

The integration of Recency Activation and calendar marketing is designed to help marketers drive tune-in through new and existing marketing channels in a measurable way.

What’s included in The Rockerbox Tune-In Package?

With The Rockerbox Tune-In Package, marketers can leverage Recency Activation to target prospective viewers leading up to a show or movie premiere with custom display and video creative, cross-platform. They can now also leverage an entirely new channel to engage their viewers: the calendar.

Our tune-in package includes insights on your current viewers’ online browsing behaviors (both before and after they visit your site), allowing you to effectively target potential viewers. We’ll provide an “Add to Calendar” button that can be included in custom creative (e.g. countdown units, video, display, etc.). You’ll also get access to a branded “Add to Calendar” button that you can embed on websites, landing pages, Fandango, social media posts, etc. Leading up to the premiere, you’ll be able to send customized push notifications directly to anyone who has added to calendar.

We’ll also collect analytics on campaign performance and in-calendar engagement, which will be used to optimize your campaign and provide you with weekly performance reports. You'll have the option to include third party tune-in attribution pixels to ensure you can tie your digital efforts back to tune-in.

Interested in learning more? We’re happy to discuss your needs and put together a bespoke package for you. Request a demo to get in touch!

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