Recency Activation Services

Leverage our full-service solutions for media campaigns
based on users’ recent browsing behaviors.

What does your customers' most recent 60 minutes of browsing say about them?

Are they...

• Checking stock prices?
• Looking for a show to binge watch?
• Shopping for a new pair of shoes?
• Planning a romantic getaway?
• Setting fantasy football lineups?

Marketers win with Recency


increase in click-through rates


increase in ROAS (return on ad spend)


decrease in CPA (cost per acquisition)

"Recency is the name of the game in advertising"

Tony Weisman, Chief Marketing Officer

More Recent is More Relevant


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

"The Rockerbox team has been one of the best to work with. The depth of information we can collect from Recency Marketing is second to none. The team is quick to respond, not shy to push back, and constantly hungry to innovate."

  Jonathan Kim, Digital Director

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  Kevin Cooper, Director of Marketing